One in a thousand attorneys has a LLM, an advanced degree in law. Among the 1 million plus attorneys and half million CPAs in the USA, there are the elite 30,000 professional are dual certified. Among the more than million financial advisors, there are the elite 80,000 CFP, certified financial planners. Derek Tung is all four.

Tung had his primary and secondary education in Hong Kong. He did his undergraduate in the University of Oregon and obtained a degree in accounting and economic (honor). During his undergraduate years, he was frequently listed in the dean list. He passed his CPA examination before graduating from the University.

He worked in public and private industries for five years before starting his own practice of accountancy. During his practice, he witnessed the advance in personal computer, software and networking and understood their effects. Thus, in 1997, he enrolled in the Chapman University School of Law with emphasis on tax law. During his studying, he was listed twice in the dean list and obtained scholarship as result. He continued the practice of accountancy and taxation at a smaller scale while in school. He becomes a tax, trust, probate, family law and corporate attorney after passing the Bar Examination in 2002.

In 2002, he also obtained licenses in securities and insurance. In 2003, he obtained the title of CFP, certified financial planner. He provides an honest, comprehensive service and client-first practice in financial, estate planning and tax law practice. In 2005, he obtained the degree of LLM in taxation.

During the years of 2000 to 2002, he consulted in venture capital funding. Among the companies he practiced, a few had successfully IPO. He acted as a quarterback by bringing in the funding managers, the accountants, the lawyers, the management teams and other professionals to act as one team to serve the companies.

He also had a role as an angel or seed investor. Together with his clients, they had invested $3 million in 11 companies. These companies had technologies in software, communication chip, optical chip and Internet service.

Through his cross discipline skills, knowledge and experiences, Tung can provide comprehensive solutions to legal, tax, corporation, accounting and financial matters.